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파우더나 기름종이 대신 화산석으로, 페이스 오일 리무버 VALL

Updated: May 28, 2021

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VALL Face Oil Remover – Use Volcanic Stone Instead of Powder or Oil Control Films

This time, I’m doing a review of this marvelous product.

Looking at the thumbnail, you may wonder what kind of product this is.

This product is called VALL.

More than four million products were sold in Germany alone,

and it is exported to other countries, such as Japan, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia.

So I wanted to know how good this item is.

It removes face oil like powder and oil control films.

I became curious about VALL and decided to do a review!

Please check.

Basic Information

Currently, crowdfunding is underway for VALL at Wadiz.

The prices differ depending on the reward selection.

And there is a difference of some thousand won in the price of a set

depending on whether you are a super early bird or an early bird.

So, I will skip talking about the prices.

Please check.

Cute size and a wide range of options

The packaging was more luxurious than I expected.

I expected it to be a simple box packaging.

This set contains a sheet of instructions, the main product and three stone balls for refills.

VALL comes in six different designs.

I chose the black sphere type

Because it looked simple and convenient to grab.

There are other color options, such as sky blue and gold.

If you prefer an angular shape, there are square case options.

You can choose a design to your liking.

The size is relatively compact.

The height is similar to that of lip product cases.

The width is similar to that of thin foundation cases.

The size is small enough to be put

into an eco-bag I usually use.

Please check.

Simple usage and cleaning

There are instructions on the back of the box.

Each volcanic stone ball, treated with antibacterial powder,

can be used up to about 180 times.

After use, it can be washed with running water or cleaned using a wet wipe.

A sheet of instructions explains

how to clean and replace a volcanic stone ball using some pictures.

If you use it yourself, you will find out how to

without reading the instructions. It’s simple.

Special features

Hypoallergenic natural volcanic stone

Before trying it on my face, I rolled it over the back of my hand

to see how irritating it is to the skin. Unlike my expectation, it wasn’t irritating.

I thought it could be prickly because it is made of natural volcanic stone.

The surface felt a bit rustling,

but it did not irritate skin when it touched skin.

Of course, if you press it hard against skin, it will irritate skin.

You just should not press it hard as rolling it, I think.

Special features

Instantly removes even thick face oil

To test VALL, I applied BB cream

which is thicker than a lightweight foundation

and didn’t fix makeup for over four hours. Haha..

The base makeup was melting

like it would rub off if touched slightly by a fingertip.

During that time, I had a photo shoot under intense illumination,

had a meal and played roughly with a dog.

I wanted to roll VALL Face Oil Remover

over an extremely greasy and oily skin.

The stone ball rolled more gently on the face with makeup on

than on the back of my hand with no makeup on.

The stone ball instantly absorbed oil as it rolled over my face.

To be honest, when reading the instructions,

I expected VALL to be less effective than oil control films.

Unlike my expectation, it instantly absorbed face oil

with a more refreshing feel than oil control films.

But it could not touch a curved part

like an alar crease.

Still, it is the case with oil control films, too.

So I cannot say which is better about this.

As the stone ball comes in contact with the skin, it absorbs face oil.

So the makeup on the part touched by the stone ball is erased to some extent.

But I liked it because I can re-apply cushion

after removing a dirtied layer.

For a dry part like the U-zone,

there was no big difference after all.

When I touched the skin, it felt freshly dried

as if I had applied powder right after putting on makeup.

When I re-applied cushion,

the cushion puff didn’t gather oil, not causing an icky feeling.

This is the best part!

Top - before / Bottom- After

I have a combination skin type, so my T-zone gets very oily after some time.

When I dab at the oily T-zone with a puff, I feel that the puff gets really dirtied.

So I don’t fix my makeup as long as I can stand it.

If I should fix my makeup, I gently press a Kleenex tissue on the skin

and then apply cushion.

With VALL, I can conveniently re-apply makeup

without using a Kleenex tissue.

I think I cannot assert that when using VALL,

makeup gets patchy or pressed into pores

because I applied BB cream as the base makeup

and the cushion applied over the BB cream felt a bit thick

but all cushions are different.

The cushion got a bit patchy on the alar crease.

I think that’s because the surface of the stone ball

didn’t touch the alar crease.

When I fixed my makeup on the part where makeup slightly rubbed off,

I rather liked it because the skin felt cleaner without oil

when I had to fix my makeup after all.

Especially for those who use powder pacts,

I think VALL will be more effective

as powder easily gets cakey when applied over face oil.

Please check.

What to do after use

After rolling the stone ball over skin,

the ball absorbs oil and gets stained.

If you lift the translucent plastic holder,

there is a space to hold an extra ball.

The sphere case holds a stone ball for a refill inside it.

You can replace the stone ball any time.

I think this design is very sensible.

Put your thumb underneath to remove it, and push it from top to bottom. However, it's made to hold it firmly, so you must apply some force when you pull it out.

Also, be careful not to drop it on the floor if you're not rich enough to buy a new refill every time because it can pop up at any moment.

After use, clean the ball using a cleansing tissue or a wet wipe.

Or wash it with running water.

You can also rub it with cleansing foam and then wash it with water.

As the ball is made of natural volcanic stone, it should not come in contact with water for more than five minutes.

Keep this in mind when washing the ball.

The ball dries so quickly,

so you don’t need to worry a lot

when washing it outdoor!

I wonder what the readers would think

after reading this review of

such a marvelous item I used myself!

For me, I like to use VALL when not wearing makeup, too.

It leaves my skin feel clean.

Those having dry skin would not agree with me, though…

My face has a sheen even when not wearing makeup. (crying / laughing emoji)

With VALL, my skin no longer has such a sheen to it.

You can remove even thick face oil simply by rolling this item over skin.

Instead of using a power pact, which gets patchy when in contact with face oil

and oil control films that you may have to use several films at a time when fixing your makeup.

Thank you for reading this review of VALL. :D

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