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Updated: Jan 19, 2022


no more oil blotting paper for me ✨


Vall sphere

Vall 스피어

– new technology from Korea

– 한국의신기술

– comes with two pieces of ball

– 볼 2개입

– volcanic ion stone that has numerous pores that removes excess oil, sweat, dirt and sebum onto our skin

– 피부에서기름, 땀, 먼지, 피지를제거하는수많은다공성기공이있는화산석

– combines functionality and design without causing irritation to your skin

– 피부를자극하지않고기능과디자인을겸한제품

– very classy,handy and easy to use

– 세련되고휴대가편하며손쉬운사용

VALL sphere has so many benefits like it helps smoothen wrinkled skin, relaxes skin and facial muscles, anti bacterial and keeps your face clean and many more.

VALL 스피어제품은주름진피부를부드럽게하고, 피부와얼굴근육을이완시키며, 향균성이라피부를깨끗하게유지해줘요.

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