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VALL introduction movie in English

No more oil papers !

Introducing the VALL FRESH HOLIC

Easily removes oil and Sebum from the skin

Just roll on cheeks to make the face brighter

Quickly absorbs sweat and oil from skin

Prevent skin troubles by wearing mask

Easy to carry and use it any time, anywhere

This is a vitalizing matt face roller.

Good design and great effect

Portable size

No greasy spot on my skin

Good price and I really recommend VALL for you with my pleasure

I don’t like any foundation that makes skin pore clugged and makes my face greasy. I am using this and I am very satisfied with VALL until now.

Get yours now !

Now get rid of that greasy shine today.

Introducing our all new VALL FRESH HOLIC

Just roll the VALL on the skin and shine forever !

It helps to quickly remove excess oil from the surface.

Use anytime on the go to glow up the skin

Absorbs skin oil, dirt & dust on the skin to make it shine.

Easily replace volcanic rock sphere.

Makes yours life easier !

Reusable with only three step cleaning process !

Portable design allows you to carry everywhere.

Get your now !

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