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페이스 오일 리무버 VALL 물건일세

Updated: May 28, 2021

VALL Face Oil Remover is a Marvelous Item.

My physical constitution is changing as I get older.

My skin gets acne and

more breakouts than before.

I sweat a lot when exercising

and it is inconvenient when I have to touch up my makeup in between exercises.

Now, I’ve found a marvelous item and let me talk about it.

This is VALL Face Oil Remover,

an item helpful for oil removal and pore care.

When I first saw this product,

I thought this could be something similar to oil control films.

After using it, I found it entirely different

from oil control films we usually use.

The solid case is good

for storing the product.

In Europe, more than 40000 products were

sold out in a month and met with a good response.

In Korea, it is starting to be known.

This item offers both

oil removal and pore care massage.

You might wonder

what kind of face oil removal this is.

I was curious, too, so I tried the item as soon as I got it.

When I opened the box,

I saw this interesting-looking item.

This is VALL.

You can remove face oil and waste

by gently rolling it over skin.

You can hold it by that round thing on top.

In the box, there is one main product

and three natural volcanic stone balls for refills

which are made of antibacterial powder.

There are three stone balls for refills and two in the main product.

So if you buy one set,

you get five stone balls for use.

VALL removes face oil and sweat

with antibacterial and deodorizing effects

without irritating the skin.

The design is simple.

The small size makes it good to hold in your hand and

it’s convenient to carry around.

VALL Face Oil Remover’s stone balls are marvelous.

They are made of natural volcanic stone.

Compared to VALL, oil control films and powder products we usually use to remove

face oil cannot remove sweat or cannot be used quasi-permanently.

This product can absorb

not only face oil but also sweat.

This product solved my concern

when I touch up my makeup in between exercises.

You can use it quasi-permanently

by replacing the stone ball.

A sheet of instructions is supplied with the product.

The instructions tell you in detail

how to clean and replace the stone ball.

For simple cleaning, you should roll the stone ball over a wet wipe or towel

and then dry it.

Or you can take the stone ball out of the unit,

wash it using a cleansing product and then dry it.

VALL comes in various shapes and colors.

I liked and chose this design

with a knob.

I chose the black color!!!

VALL comes in three colors.

Lake blue, black and gold.

This product offers a simple way for pore care,

uses natural substances causing less skin irritation,

and has antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

The size makes it suitable to be carried around and the design is chic.

I love this product so much.

Just pull it off from the lower unit to use it.

It is so easy, isn’t it?

I have oil control films at home.

I hardly use them when I go outside

because I look dowdy when using them.

With VALL, what you have to do is just roll it over the face.

It is good to use outside.

For those who want to see the inside of the product,

I made this video clip.

If you pull it off from the lower unit and open the holder,

you will see one more stone ball inside.

VALL Face Oil Remover’s balls

are made of ceramic volcanic stone

and a stone ball has tens of thousands of porous pores

which absorb waste and face oil,

leaving the skin smooth.

After removing face oil using VALL,

my makeup definitely gets less patchy and cakey.

VALL is also good to remove the sweat and oil

on the part covered by the mask these days.

The ball can be cleaned if it gets dirty in between and it can be used up to 180 times.

If you buy one product, then you can use up to five, so you can use the product for a really long time.

The design is modeled after lipsticks.

The design in black is chic and stylish.

Seeing me carrying and using it,

people asked me what this product was.

I’d like to say goodbye to oil control films and powder I used

to remove oil and sweat.

Now, I can take care of my skin

simply by rolling this over face a few times, and it’s convenient.

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