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☆구입품 기록☆

VALL: 세라믹 천연화산석


☆Purchase Record☆

VALL: Ceramic Natural Volcanic Stone

Oil removing ball

先日 @lee_a_irsang さんの投稿で見て「めちゃいいやん‼️」と即購入😁



얼마 전에 @lee_a_irsang님의 포스팅을 보고 ‘엄청 좋네!!’라고 생각해서 바로 구입😁

리아님, 멋진포스팅감사합니다💕

저는 블루를, 딸내미한테는블랙을사줬어요😊

I saw @lee_a_irsang’s post awhile ago and thought ‘This is awesome!!’ and bought it right away 😁

Lee_a, thank you for the amazing post. 💕

I bought a blue one and got my daughter the black one. 😊



이 상품, 유분제거말인데요, 유분제거기름종이랑다르게일회용이아니니까친환경적입니다🌎지저분하면씻을수있고, 가벼운얼룩이라면젖은수건으로닦아내도된다고합니다!

※본체 안에 교체용 볼이 하나 들어있습니다 🎾

This product is for oil removing. Unlike oil blotting paper, it’s not disposable so it’s eco-friendly. 🌎 If it gets dirty, you can wash it and if it’s a light contamination, you can wipe it with a wet wipe as well!

※There is one more replacement inside the main product. 🎾



마지막 동영상에서 손에 오일을 발라 실험을 했는데요, 아시겠죠? 번들거리는 얼굴에 볼을 굴렸더니, 어? 이상하네? 바로 보송보송해졌어요👏

화장 전은물론, 남성분들께도추천합니다♪

In the last video, I put some oil on my hand and tested it out. You can tell, right? When I rolled the ball on oily face, Oh? Strange? It became soft right away. 👏

I recommend it for before makeup application and for men, too. ♪

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