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인스타그램 vallfreshholic : tinymommyph 님 후기(Instagram vallfreshholic : tinymommyph review)

Updated: Jan 19, 2022


I have combination skin, so my T-zone can get oily at times.

저는복합성피부라 T존이가끔번들거려요.

And I avoid putting powder when this happens so as not to clog my pores.


I’m excited to try the @vallfreshholic face oil remover.

이때 @vallfreshholic 페이스오일리무버를사용할수있게돼서너무기뻐요.

It is made of natural volcanic stone ball that absorbs excess oil and sebum.


Because it is compact, this tiny beauty tool can fit even in your pocket.


Perfect for removing oil when you are out and about!


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