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Updated: Jan 19, 2022


No more oil blotting sheet! & Goodbye to excessive oily skin!

기름 흡수지는 안녕!& 기름진 얼굴도 이제 안녕!

Introducing Vall freshholic is made of natural volcanic stone and antibacterial powder.

천연화산석과향균파우더로만들어진 Vall 프레시홀릭을소개할게요.

It's luxurious in organic ingredients made for filling our inner glass skin that helps removes unnecessary oil inside layers.


Prevent skin troubles by wearing mask and it’s easy to carry around!.


And also this product is perfect for oily-sensitive-acne prone skin.


Ang pinaka-nagustuhan ko dito ay washable and reusable din sya and also Eco-friendly!

세척과 재사용이 가능해서 친환경 제품이라는 점이 제일 마음에 들어요!

Get yours now!


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