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Updated: Jan 19, 2022



굴리는 기름 종이💗

A rolling oil control film 💗



무너진 메이크업 위에 데굴데굴 굴려주면 피지와 땀을 흡수해주고, 마스크로 무너진 메이크업 고치기에도 엄~청 효과적 이구요✌🏻

If you roll it on your face with make-up removed, it absorbs sebum and sweat.

It’s really effective to fix the make-up that’s been removed by a mask✌🏻


컴팩트하면서 씻을 수 있고, 볼 교환도 간단하니까 위생적 측면도 완벽해요☺️

It’s compact, washable, and the ball is easy to change. It is very hygienic, too☺️


앞으로 땀을 엄청 흘리는 계절이니까 많이 쓸 수 있을 것 같아요🧡남자들도 사용할 수 있어요오〜!

It’s soon to be a very sweaty season, so I think I will use it very often. 🧡 We also recommend it for men~!

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