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Updated: Jan 19, 2022


기름종이 대신 쓸 수 있는 VALL

VALL that can replace the oil paper

처음엔 파우더인가? 했는데 기름을 쏙 잡아주더라고요!

I first thought it was a powder and it soaked up all the oiliness!

기름제거하면 화장도 더 잘 먹고

When we get rid of the oiliness on our face the makeup goes up much better

안그래도 기름이 많아 화장이 뜨는게 스트레스였는데 이걸로 다 해결했어요!!

And I also had the problem with the oiliness but this product solved it!!

리필볼도 넉넉하고 씻어 말려서 재활용 할 수도 있는신박한 기름제거 도구인것같아요 I think it is amazing that it has lots of refill balls and since we can reuse them by cleaning the ball

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