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인스타그램 geune_green 님 후기(Instagram geune_green review)


💚 잘가요~~ 기름종이

💚 Good bye~~ Oil paper

친환경적으로 뽀송감 느껴봐요^^

Feel the softness in an eco-friendly way ^^

피부_필요없는 유분기 빼고

유수분 밸런스 맞춰주기

Skin_ removes unnecessary oil

and finds the oil-moisture balance

피부노폐물ㆍ피지 ㆍ유분_잘 닦아주지 않으면 피부가 칙칙하고 무거운 느낌이 있죠~~

수시로 닦아줄때 ~~ 2~3개의 기름종이가 필요해서~~

Skin wasteㆍ sebumㆍ oil_ If you don’t wipe them off well, the skin looks dull and feels heavy~~

But if you wipe them off frequently~~ you need 2~3 oil blotting papers~~


기름종이를 대신해서 사용할 수 있는 다회용제품이 있을까?

So I started wondering ~~

Is there a reusable product that I can use instead of the oil blotting papers?


와우👍 찾았어요🧐🧐

I looked for it~~

Wow 👍 I found it 🧐🧐

사용 3일째

ㅎ 뽀송감 만족

다회용이라서 더 만족

세척도 쉬워서 좋네요

Day 3 of use

Satisfied by the softness

Even more satisfied because it’s reusable

It’s easy to clean, too.

저 요고요고

한 달 정도 사용 해보구요^^

I’ll use this

for about a month ^^

완전 만족감 차오를때

and when I’m full of satisfaction,

인친님들께 소개해드릴게요^^

I’ll introduce it to you guys on Instagram ^^

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