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얼굴 기름기 잡을때 기름종이 대신 VALL

Updated: May 28, 2021

Hello. I’m Han-ying-yi.

Today, I have a new and amazing product to show you!!

To remove facial oil, we usually use oil control films or powder!

This is a volcanic stone ball called VALL, which can replace oil control films and powder!!

The crowdfunding has been underway for VALL at Wadiz and the crowdfunding goal was reached a long time ago! Haha!

When I first saw this item, I suspected that:

1. it cannot really remove facial oil and

2. it would easily become stained and dirtied.

To see if my suspicions were correct, I did some experiments. I will tell you about what I found.

To remove facial oil, I usually apply powder on my eyebrows and the area above the eyebrows! Removing facial oil helps makeup last longer.

Using a powder puff, I dab the T-zone and particularly the oily areas next to the nose!

There’s a ribbon on the side. Pull it all the way!

Then, the VALL Face Oil Remover appears!

At Wadiz Funding, I saw that VALL has different prices ranges depending on the content.

This one has the basic content, which includes 3 volcanic stone balls for refills.

The balls can be used quasi-permanently! I will explain this in detail later.

VALL comes in 3 colors and 2 shapes,

6 types in total!!

I thought hard between gold and black. haha

I blurred out my ugly face reflected clearly on the sphere… Please understand this…

There is a sheet of simple instructions.

On the cover, I saw Hindi or Thai words! I don’t know.

I wondered if there were instructions in Korean. I unfolded the sheet and found the instructions are in several languages.

The item is a bit new to Koreans, but more than 40000 products were sold in a month in Europe.

But VALL is made in Korea! I guess it began selling in Europe first. haha

These round stones look like small eggs. haha

They are tested to be hypoallergenic and made of natural volcanic stone and antibacterial powder!

Instead of using an oil control film, you can use the stone ball with an antibacterial effect when you’re not at home.

I chose the Sphere Gold.

For my own reasons, I wanted to see Sky Blue in person! haha

VALL also comes in a square shape, but I thought the sphere shape would have a better grip and feeling.

Mmm. A disadvantage of the Sphere Gold is that it reflects me taking a picture of it.. haha

When I opened it for the first time, it felt a bit stiff!

And I heard something shaking inside the upper unit and there was a spare volcanic stone ball!

The size is easy to hold in your hand and it’s portable and convenient!

The stone ball is round and smooth!

Can this really remove facial oil from my face?

I did an experiment using hand cream with oil.

This is a very honest experiment!!

Please consider that hand cream with oil is used in this experiment!!

So I made this VALL work hard…… haha

As you watch this video clip, please keep in mind that facial cream usually does not contain as much oil as hand cream and that facial oil is not as oily as this one!!!!!

After applying the cream on both hands, I rubbed the stone ball on only one hand and then I pressed the oil control films on both hands tightly.

After that, I shook my hands, and the one rubbed with the stone ball all the oil control films fall except one, while the hand not rubbed with the stone ball five films sticked!

And the hand rubbed with it certainly felt dry! I don’t know if this shows on the screen, but the hand not rubbed with the stone ball felt sticky and oily while the hand rubbed with it no longer felt sticky!

I thought this item really works.

After using the powder, my skin sometimes loses too much oil and my makeup gets cakey. This item removed an appropriate amount of oil, leaving my skin fresh, and I liked it!

After using VALL, I thought that powder is good to apply on the eyebrows and the area above the eyebrows where oil needs to be thoroughly removed while VALL is good to use on parts needing an oil-moisture balance!

This stone ball worked hard... Is it time to say good-bye to the stone ball? No! haha

My second suspicion is that it will easily become stained and dirtied…

Pull the translucent part off from the upper unit.

At first, I kept turning the translucent part, thinking mine was a defective one... I should have pulled it upward. haha

Now, the translucent part has been pulled off and you can see the spare stone ball in the unit.

You can use the two stone balls combined up to 360 times!

This volcanic powder stone ball is the one I did the experiment with!

If you rub a stone ball on your hands after applying hand cream like I did haha... or use it for a long time, it will darken.

A darkened stone ball cannot remove oil well.

Note: The pajamas are not dirty. It's because I washed it with the drained clothes.

In that case, you can wipe it with lukewarm water like this (using soap or foam cleanser).

Wipe it with a wet tissue and dry it naturally to get it back to normal! It's so amazing!

If you can't use it after wiping it like this, then you can replace it with a spare ball in the box.

At first, I thought it was pretty unsanitary to use it like this. However, it was very hygienic.

If you wipe it like this, then the number of uses increases.

When I use oil paper with makeup on, it gets pushed back and crumpled, so I don't use it often. However, it's nice that this one is not like that. It's good that it doesn't make your face dry. At first, I had doubts, but now I can understand why so many people are participating in the crowd funding. When I touch my face, I feel like the oily sebum that I previously felt on my fingers is gone. My skin feels pleasantly soft and dry.

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