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네이버 블로그 후라이드 님 후기(NAVER Blog fried review)

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Vall Face Oil Remover at Olive Young! Good bye blotting paper forever ~

As a cosmetic nerd and beauty blogger,

I always visit Olive Young when I am outside.

I think today’s review will be very useful for the many

people with oily skin or complex skin type haha.

The product I will introduce today is a facial oil removing product that can be used instead of blotting paper to get rid of oil!

I heard it arrived at Olive Young this time, so I got one here.

Summer is coming to an end, but I’m still hot!

So I still wear tank tops and t-shirts and try to endure…

So what I really need is a facial oil removing product that can remove oiliness.

When I go to work, if I don’t have any other plans after, I don’t put on makeup since

I have to wear a mask. So I would use facial blotting paper.

And when I was in high school, my face was oily.

So I always used blotting paper but I read an article saying that if you use blotting paper often, your pores stretch out and more oils can form.

I was so shocked that I stopped using it completely after that.

The VALL Face Oil Remover, which is a new facial oil remover at Olive Young,

uses a ball to roll over the oil to absorb it.

So you don’t need to worry about stretching out your pores, so I gave it a try.

First, it is in a cute size that fits in your hand and it fits in small mini bags, too.

It’s product that’s very convenient to carry around!

So I use it every day as a daily item hahaha

I can’t go on without this one!!!!!

There are many colors so you can choose the color according to your taste.

I like the simple and nice black.

Also, this VALL Face Oil Remover is a product that you use by rolling on your face,

so it not only remove facial oil but also provides a facial massage!!!

What a benefit. I’ve been trying self care to make my face smaller these days,

so I will try it with this.

When I first saw VALL Face Oil Remover,

the visual reminded me of an egg, so it was very cute.

When I touched it with my hands, it felt like a hard massage ball!

I thought for a moment, Can this really absorb oil??

You can see if you watch the video, but it rolls very well.

It’s not rigid and personally, I can feel the softness.

I recorded myself using it.

I have a pimple on my nose

so I couldn’t film the oil on my nose.

I put on face oil for the face and filmed this to show you guys how effective this product is in removing facial oil.

And honestly, it’s amazing;;;

The oiliness disappears at once, so I was very shocked.

Normally, I was satisfied by removing the oiliness on my nose or forehead.

But even between my double eyelids and the edges of my eyes that’s hard to remove oil from, it removed the oil perfectly ;;;;

Can you see it? It’s holding oil.

Those still using facial blotting paper, switch over now!!!

VALL Face Oil Remover

The more I think about it, it’s a real item.

Left before Right after

Are you sure you feel it?

Looking at my skin, it’s amazing how soft my skin is.

It’s an essential product especially in the summer

and those with oily skin, it’s a product that shouldn’t leave your hands 365 days!

It’s at Olive young so it can be bought easily and since it’s a product that provides pore care, I’m going to recommend it to my friends.

It can be bought online as well, so you can refer to the link below.

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