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네이버 블로그 프쉬케 님 후기(NAVER Blog Psyche review)

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Sebum, stop wiping and start rolling!!! VALL Face Oil Remover at Olive Young

Hello, it’s Psyche.

Since this summer is exceptionally hot,

sebum excretion is explosive, too.

I would have used so much blotting paper in the past

but now I am just using this one item to take care of it perfectly.

Introducing this easy to use item

that completely removes sebum.

Unboxing is always exciting ~ :)

It came nicely and safely packaged.

It’s VALL portable oil removing oil paper face oil removing ball.

Whenever I used blotting paper until now,

I was always worried that it will stretch out my pores.

But with VALL face oil remover,

I don’t need to worry about stretching out my pores, so I really like it.

You just need to rub it gently and the oily sebum disappears completely.

It also has a massage effects so I seem to use it more often hehe.

It comes in 3 colors of black, luxury gold and lake blue.

The shape comes in 2 types of square and sphere.

You can choose them according to your taste.

I ordered the [Luxury cold color square].

I liked it because it’s not too bright but a gentle gold.

It’s a compact size that fits right in your hands.

It fits in small bags with no problem,

so it’s perfect to carry around.

I hear that it’s a popular product that sold over 47,000 pieces in Europe in just 30 days.

I thought this was the top before I opened it.

But when I opened it, this side is the bottom hahaha.


But this item is a daily item that I can’t put down.

Especially, it’s an essential item that I must have these days.

Seeing the actual thing after opening the cap!!

It’s a light orange color ball that reminds me of a carefully placed egg.

The VALL made with 100% natural volcanic stone removes greasy oil and provides pore care and massage function as well. It’s an amazing item.

Once you have it in your hands,

even if you just wanted to remove sebum,

it magically gets you to keep rolling.

I want to keep massaging with this to get a v line face.

The rolling was soft and nice with the antibacterial powder ball made of natural volcanic stone.

When I first touched it with my fingers, it felt like a slightly firm massage ball?!

I even wondered, ‘can a hard ball like this really absorb oil well?’

I applied face oil on the back of my hand

and tested the absorption.

And it was amazing!!!!!

I only rolled it for a few times

but it cleared the oil completely.

It was even more amazing when I used it on my face.

It leaves the outer skin soft

and keeps the inner glow as is.

It’s a real item ~ hehe

Before and after using VALL Portable Oil Removing Oil Paper Face Oil Removing Ball

It is said that tens of thousands of porous pores absorb oil, sebum, and waste from the skin.

When I used it myself, it was amazing.

It passed the skin irritation test (SGS)

and passed the antibacterial and deodorization tests with 96% or higher.

From now on,

why don’t you leave it to VALL Portable Oil Removing Oil Paper Face Oil Removing Ball??

Sebum, stop wiping and start rolling!!! VALL Face Oil Remover (2)

This is what it looks like after oil absorption by using the VALL Portable Oil Removing Oil Paper Face Oil Removing Ball.

Ball cleansing is also very easy.

Wet the ball in water and use a cleansing foam to clean it and then dry it.

Or you can use a wet tissue or handkerchief and roll the ball gently and then dry it.

One ball can be used 180 times.

It can also be reused after washing and drying.

It might be a little lacking if it stopped here.

Sebum, stop wiping and start rolling!!! VALL Face Oil Remover (2)

If you twist the top part where the ball is slightly and separate the holder, there is another refill ball!!!

When you remove the ball, fix the ball with your fingers and remove it.

Or the ball might bounce off like it did for me haha

It was my first time so I made a mistake.. hehe

If you buy one, you can use it also semi-permanently haha

It’s a very cost efficient item.

It’s good for us to use it economically like this

but what about the seller?

The refill replacement method and the washing and drying method are well explained on the packaging box.

If you refer to it, you will be able to replace, wash and dry it without much difficulty~

이 포스트는 해당 업체로부터 제품만을 제공받아 직접 사용 후 솔직하게 작성되었습니다.

This post was written honestly after personal use by receiving just the product from the corresponding company.

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