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네이버 블로그 엠줴이 님 후기(NAVER Blog MJ review)

VALL powder absorbs oil

Hello :)

This is a review of oil powder that a friend of mine gifted me!

For removing facial oil,

I only knew about blotting paper from Clean & Clear or Gatsby.

Since I don’t put on that much makeup, I didn’t even know the trend, like a caveman.

When my friend ordered it, she put the address to my house so I got it right away.

There were free socks inside, too.

These are the compositions of the VALL powder.

She gifted me a very full set. Thanks, again!

How to Use

It’s a pretty design like an objet.

You can open the lid and use it holding the case, so it’s hygienic.

You can store one more ball below

so it’s easy to change it when you’re outside and need to replace it.

You just roll it easily like this.

I don’t like the sticky feeling when I use blotting paper

but the VALL powder absorbs the oil and the skin feels soft

so it was okay to keep rolling.

The shiny forehead glow is gone!

If the ball gets dirty, you can wash it under running water and dry it.

Then, it can be reused!

It’s really better than blotting paper.

Even if you don’t put on makeup, you can take care of the oil with this

and the skin becomes soft!

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