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기름종이 필요없는 얼굴 유분제거제 추천 !!! - VALL

Updated: May 18, 2021


Face Oil Remover Obviating the Need for Oil Control Films!!! - VALL

Do you know anything about Wadiz?

Wadiz is a crowdfunding platform

that helps businesses, newly opened or going for a new challenge,

receive support from people and succeed.

At Wadiz’s website,

I sometimes see very new and amazing items.

I’ve recently found an innovative “it” item.

So I’d like to talk about it.

The product I’m going to introduce today is

VALL Face Oil Remover

This is a face oil remover as you can see from the product name.

First, it is in a luxurious hard cover box.

As you slide the box open,

You will see three strange-looking beige balls and the main product.

What on earth are these..?!!

Face Oil Remover Obviating the Need for Oil Control Films!!! - VALL

┃Just roll the ball over skin.

┃Convenient pore care

In Europe, 47,530 products were sold out in a month.

VALL, a product made in Korea, has already been recognized in foreign markets!

This product offers (oil removal + pore care + massage),

all at once.

A ball will appear when you open the lid of the main product.

If you gently roll the ball over skin, it will remove face oil and waste.

What on earth is this ball?

┃Hypoallergenic product containing natural materials for skin!

┃Antibacterial & deodorizing effects of natural volcanic stone

This ball is made of natural volcanic stone and antibacterial powder.

It is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial & deodorizing effects.

The ball has numerous porous pores inside it.

The pores absorb and remove

skin waste, sebum and oil.

All women with oily skin experience this..

Although you put on a pretty makeup in the morning,

you get a lot of face oil in the afternoon…..

Using an oil control film makes your makeup patchy.

Using powder makes your makeup cakey T_T

With VALL,

you will be less concerned about such problems!

┃An oil control film is thrown away after one-time use,

┃while VALL can be used up to 180 times!

If you buy the product, you get one ball contained in the main product,

+plus three balls for refills. So you get four balls in total.

Each ball can be used up to about 180 times.

The balls are washable. If a ball absorbs less oil than before

or gets dirtied on the surface,

simply clean it using a wet wipe as seen in the picture below.

If you want to wash it thoroughly,

you can wash it using cleansing foam and water and then dry it.

This way, you can thoroughly remove the oil from the ball.

When the ball’s service life expires, separate it from the holder

to replace it with a new one. It is easy!!

Face Oil Remover Obviating the Need for Oil Control Films - VALL - How to Replace the Ball

┃The Compact size makes it good to carry around.

The small size makes it good to hold in your hand and

carry around in your bag.

┃See the Effects of VALL with Your Own Eyes

Before putting on makeup, you can use VALL

to remove sebum and unnecessary face oil

that were not removed during cleansing.

After putting on makeup, VALL helps

maintain fresh makeup throughout the day

and fix makeup with a cleaner feel.

VALL removes the face oil starting to appear in the afternoon.

This is really amazing..!

After seeing the effects,

I doubted my own eyes.. kkkk

*** Pictures without photoshop

Left – Oily forehead skin (before) / Right – Freshened forehead skin (after)

For people who cannot believe this,

I’ve made this video clip.

Face Oil Remover Obviating the Need for Oil Control Films!!! - VALL

Left – Oily forehead skin (before) / Right – Freshened forehead skin (after)

Face Oil Remover Obviating the Need for Oil Control Films!!! - VALL

I used VALL and found it better than oil control films

in terms of effects and usage.

It is completely an “it” item especially for touching up makeup!

I bought the Sphere Gold type,

and VALL comes in various colors and shapes.

It can be fun selecting one of them.

Lake Blue

Lake blue seeming to reflect the sky


Chic black, feminine and elegant


Grace gold, a fantastic combination

Lake Blue

Unique lake blue seeming with a cool and clear feeling


Black, the most simple and clean color


Shiny gold, an attractive and luxurious color

Source: VALL Wadiz Official Website

The crowdfunding for VALL is open from November 17 to December 14.

More than 100% of the funding goal has been achieved (491% as of November 18).

If you join the crowdfunding, you can buy VALL as a super early bird!!

***Due to the characteristics of a crowdfunding product, payments will be made on December 15, a day when the funding will be closed.

Visit the VALL – Wadiz official website for more information.

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