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기름종이보다 더 좋은 마스크 화장 꿀템 VALL 신세계네

Updated: May 21, 2021

Applying makeup is very tricky these days.

When I take off the mask even after wearing it for a short time,

I find my makeup smudged under the mask.

Hoping less makeup will transfer onto the mask, I use oil control films to remove my facial oil, but it works only for a short time.


I tried powder,

but after some time, the makeup got cakey.

I had difficulty finding an item for skin makeup.

After using the VALL Face Oil Remover,

wearing makeup with a mask has become much more convenient.

I always carry it in my pouch.

I’m incredibly satisfied with it, and the price is reasonable, too.

So I’d like to explain this product to you :-)



The box package was so luxurious

that I became curious about this product.

When I opened the box,

I saw the main product and three round balls.

Looking at them, I wondered what they were for.

It is a stick-type roller which thoroughly removes facial oil, freshening the skin.

You can use it instead of oil control films or powder.

This stone ball removes facial oil.

It is a new and amazing item

made of natural volcanic stone and antibacterial powder.

Each ball can be used for up to 180 times.

They can be re-used

after being washed with water or cleaned with a wet wipe.

So one set can be used for quite a long time

and quasi-permanently!

It comes in six designs with different shapes and colors.

You can choose one to your liking.

It comes in three colors—black, gold, and sky blue.

The sphere type is easy to grab,

and the square type

resembles a pillar of the Parthenon.

I chose the sphere type,

which is easy to grab.

I liked that the ball is made of natural ingredients,

but I was worried that volcanic stone might not be safe to use on skin.

You can see the pores on the stone ball

as if the stone ball breathes.

If you roll it on the skin,

It will make the skin feel smooth without irritation.

Let me show you

how this worked on my skin!

It worked miraculously haha!

Check it out!

First, I applied a thick serum,

which provided both moisture and nutrition to my skin.

I usually don’t apply the serum

because it feels too heavy.


After I apply the serum, my skin becomes so oily,

as you see in the picture.

I would guess that I need 3 oil control films

to remove the oil.

With the VALL Face Roller, you don’t need oil control films.

This short video clip shows

how the oil instantly disappears.

After using VALL for the first time,

I always carry it in my pouch.


It was really amazing.

I read that tens of thousands of pores

on the ceramic volcanic stone ball

instantly absorb

sebum, oil, excess moisture, and even sweat.

I could see well how they were absorbed into the pores.

This time, I rolled it on my face.

As you see, my face has a sheen to it

due to excess oil and moisture.

I lightly rolled VALL’s roller a few times

and my skin was refreshed like this.

If you keep using it, you will see

that it removes not only facial oil, but also sweat and excess moisture,

leaving your skin refreshed.

I applied the cushion,

an item I do not usually use.

As I often wear a mask these days,

I do not apply a cushion,

which gives a sheen and oiliness to the skin and

transfers it onto the mask.

That oil and sheen

was removed by VALL.

It does not leave waste behind, unlike oil control films.

It removes the sheen, leaving skin refreshed.

It is very practical to use.

I felt that makeup on the part rolled over

by the stone ball faded very slightly.

But it wasn’t noticeable,

like fingerprints left on surfaces,

and I didn’t need touch-ups.

As I often wear a mask,

makeup always transfers onto the mask.

This roller has helped me with this issue.

I removed oil from half of my face,

using the roller before wearing a mask.

Later, I saw noticeably more makeup transfer

from the other half of my face onto the mask.

This item is good to use

at times like these!

I have an extremely oily T-zone

and a dry U-zone.

Just thinking about my skin type makes me sigh.

When I applied powder over makeup,

the puff got stained

and the makeup rubbed off or smudged…

It was difficult to do a touch-up.

Using VALL Face Oil Remover

solved all these concerns.

After use, cleaning the stone ball

is quite simple!

Just grab the upper unit and

roll it over a wet wipe.

If you want to clean it more thoroughly,

remove the stone ball and wash it using cleansing foam.

But avoid washing it for more than five minutes

as it is made of natural volcanic stone.

Its compact size

makes it good to carry in your pouch.

I used to keep taking oil control films out of the pack.

Now, I have this roller

that I can use almost quasi-permanently.

It is very convenient.

I think this should be a “go-to” item in your pouch :-)

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